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The Open Fire Ban lifted

The Open Fire Ban in Montezuma County under Ordinance Number 02-2015 and Resolution Number 07-2021 was lifted this date with the understanding that our citizens and visitors will be cautious and responsible with open fires and maintain control of all fires to prevent them from becoming out of control.

Any and all planned control burning requires the property owner or agent to call our Cortez Communication Center at (970) 565-8454 BEFORE you burn to verify that no Red Flag Weather or High Wind Warnings have been or will be posted for the day of a controlled burn.

Everyone can help keep our County and Communities safe by following some simple fire rules:

  • Watch the weather reports and do not burn on any high fire danger days
  • Contact your local fire district or the county sheriff for how to prepare a controlled burn for safety
  • Having your fire district inspect your planned burn ahead of time will ensure safety
  • Keep controlled burn piles small that would allow for shorter burning time
  • Planning a burn to start during early morning hours while temperatures are cooler
  • Have a minimum 20-foot diameter area cleared of any vegetation around controlled burn pile
  • Burning in a pit at least three foot in depth will help control ash and burning embers
  • Have a fire mitigation plan that includes hand tools, shovels, plenty of water, fire extinguisher, etc.
  • Keep the fire under control at all times
  • Do not leave the fire unattended
  • Make sure your fire is dead out when completed


All Fireworks that explode or leave the ground are prohibited by Colorado State Law.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance

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