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The Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office is now offering this amazing free service to the citizens of Montezuma County! Please feel free to share this with anyone who might benefit from this service. If your property went missing, would you be able to provide serial numbers, photos, and receipts for your property? This information is vital to any investigation. Take some time to securely register your property online with ReportIt. Knowing what you own could be the difference between recovering and not recovering missing property. We suggest that you register your property online with ReportIt. The Information you enter is completely secure and you can access it from any computer with internet access using your username and password.

Bonding Scam

This is not just occurring in Montezuma County but all over the Country. Recently a deputy was asked to contact a bonding agent regarding an extortion scam. The deputy met with the bonding agent at the Montezuma County Detention Center. During their conversation, she told the deputy she had received a phone call from one of her bonded clients. The bonded client wanted to know how he was going to get some money back he’d recently paid to prevent his bond from being revoked. The bonding agent said she was not aware of what her client was talking about. Her client said he received a call from her phone number and he assumed it was her on the phone. Her client said the female subject on the phone told him to speak with her boyfriend and then turned the phone over to a male subject. The male subject told him that he had to pay $1500.00 to their bonding agency, or they would revoke his bond. Her client told her he sent $1500.00 to the location specified by the male. The male also told him he would be able to get the money back the following Monday. Her client then contacted her to find out how he would get his money back, she told him she was not aware of the situation and she was not involved.

The bonding agent said she also received phone calls from three additional clients she had also bonded from jail within the last week. Each client called her this evening saying they’d received a phone call from her phone saying they had to pay a specified amount of money or their bond would be revoked. The bonding agent said they all told her that the person speaking to them on the phone possessed detailed information on their criminal charges and their bond. She does not know of anyone who would have access to any of the paperwork she has on her clients and she keeps the paperwork secure in her office. The bonding agent also said she has checked her office and all of her client’s paperwork was still there and did not appear to have been gone through.

SCAM – Inmate Bond Increase After Release

Scam targeting jail inmates draws attention in Montezuma County Don’t be a victim:

  • Never wire money to someone you do not know or to someone with an identity you can’t verify.
  • Call the bondsman whose name is being used.
  • A legitimate bail bondsman will not call to solicit money or ask for payment over the phone.
  • Law enforcement agencies will not call you on the phone to inform you of an impending arrest, and they will not solicit money from you over the phone. Hang up, look up the phone number for the law enforcement agency the person calling you says he represents, and call the agency back for verification.

Source: Better Business Bureau

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